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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 10, 2012, 8:32 AM
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Ok... This doesn't even have a real title. Why? Because I just got gifted a 3 month subscription, by :iconkennymap:
I literally jumped out of my seat, scaring the hell out of my cat in the processes xD.


Thank you so much!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 13, 2012, 1:51 AM
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Many thanks to :iconkennymap: who gifted me that premium membership. Thank you so very much. I appreciate this more than you could ever imagine. <3
This has made my night and I guess pretty much my whole week

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Ugh, I hate that this feature is only offered to premium users... I've been wanting to change my name for a while and now I can and I have to spend money to do so.... What. A. Pain. I'd ask someone to donate a 3 month membership... But lets face it.. I'm not that lucky.
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I think I'm going to do/draw something for my 80th and 100th Watchers. Who ever they might be. Kind of like a kiriban, but not.
xD Now to wait and see.
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:iconjawsum: has opened up her commissions. She's is absolutely amazing!
You'd be doing me a solid if you made a little trip over to her journal and checked out her commissions.
They're well worth it! <3…

Click it! Do it, do it, do it!!!!!!!!!!!
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Not much to report. xD
I can't upload anything!? Every time I try to upload something I get an error. My firewall is fine, the formats are fine. EVERYTHING if fucking fine! So what gives! Let me upload my God damned dolls!
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... All of which have absolutely nothing to do with what I'm going to what I'm going to say, lol. I just had that stuck in my head for most of the day after a conversation with one of my co-workers. xP But alas, I shall get to the point...well, one of three.

First off *sniffles* my tablet refuses to get along with my brother's computer! *Cries hysterically* My brother's relic (it's a 10 year old Dell) refuses to recognize the tablet's driver...I don't know what to do with myself! I now have all this free time from work and I won't be able to doll. *Sobs* I have so many ideas floating around now... including a superhero version of :iconelafros: and Calavera's buddy, whom I've already named Bonita. *sigh* Maybe I'll ask my brother if I can fiddle around with reinstalling the tablet tomorrow...

But enough of my griping, I am at a loss as to what to do for my birthday. It's a ways off in September, but I'm not sure how to celebrate it > w< It'll be my 21st birthday, btw. I've had a few friends suggest we do a Sat-Sun thing, where we celebrate late Sat overnight to Sunday. They also suggested going out to eat, but what else can I do after that? Any ideas?? I also need to solidify my outfit...which will be both out of my normal wear and comfort zone. I plan to have a custom made tutu and corset and *drumroll* actually put on make-up or have someone do it for me, lol. I really want to plan this out now, so that I can snatch folks up before they can make other plans xD. September may be a long ways off, but time flies!!

Lastly...OMG!! I got a llama!!! I really wasn't expecting it. Llamas are for awesome people? Am I awesome?? Am I? AM I !?!?!? xD *Calms downs* That really made my night after a long day of work. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

I think I covered all the bases. Let's see..."Tablet Woes"...check, "Birthday Dilema"...check, and "Lama Magic"...check. Yep, that covers it *Yawn* right on time too, off to bed I go. Later folks, keep your fingers crossed for me and my tablet.
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My first entry into this thing...I feel a tad odd, but I don't think this is any different from the days when I used to keep a blog, so meh. Just a matter of getting used to these things again, no?

Well, not really much to say...I'll try to revive this thing as much as I can since I've picked up drawing once again and I have a lot more writing to add...I guess that's it.
n n;;
Bit of of an awkward way to end this, but I'll try to be a little better about it. Till next time folks. <3
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